Name painting by Boyarde

The majority of my art addresses popular culture and how we gender stereotype, and i work in the pop idiom using kitsch as my tool to address familiar imagery associated with stereotyping. But i also do name painting made out of objects. I do this, because its fun and its different. I am not the artist for you, if you want good old fashioned monogramming though! The man for you is Nick Taylor ‘ Los Angeles ArtHouse‘ who used to paint for Louis Vuitton!

This bag is a Goyard GM tote and the client wanted her intials painted on, made out of jewellery, so this involved researching jewellery that would translate well into intials and fit well together in an abstract form. So i looked at Broaches, gems, earrings and of course, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!IMG_9033 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9058 IMG_9059 IMG_9060a next client who wanted a C made out of jewels:

goyard purse jewellery text goyard purse jewelleryThis bag was painted for Charlotte Olympia Dellal, who wanted her little baby son’s name RIO inspired by tropical RIO things!goyard rio detail goyard progress Charlotte Olympia Rio capitals email Rio Goyard finished




Continuing my theme of addressing extreme female stereotypes in popular culture, here i am looking at how the Male was often portrayed as being over powered by the film noir vixen in silver screen hollywood and silver screen horror and thrillers. Giving it a comic strip geek feel, ive taken a sci fi type male character, and over powered him with the sheer curves of the divine body he stands in front of, here is is hypnotised by this amazonian goddess. Ive taken all the fun parts of sci fi and film noir hand painted posters from the 40s and 50s and given it a POP twist. I took this in 2013 but did not edit it until december 2013 and it is yet to be released. Titles for the piece originally were going to be ‘Spextacles’ or ‘spex ray’, however it would be hard not to just call it YIKES! The colours may change but its looking good so far!yikes montage email yikesyikes green purple blue writing yikes blue purple then green then blueThese will be sold as a photograph c-type in Diasec frame, as a triptych limited edition of 10 only, and a colour will be picked for the single version as a limited edition of 5 only. email for details

Boyarde Art in L’officiel Indonesia February March issue

I am delighted to have a 3 page feature in the the February March issue of L’officiel Indonesia, having been interviewed by the wonderful Noorani who is a new Boyarde Art convert. The article looks at all my art from Bottoms to Bags through my fascination with Scopophilia: the pleasure of gazing at the female form and finding the balance between power and vulnerability with a splash of humour. Lofficial indonesia feb march issue noorani article bags bodies 0214Lofficiel Indonesia Noorani's Kaleidoscope 9-OK 0214_Page_2

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, meets Casablanca on a Birkin!

When the owner of this beautiful cream 40 Birkin, said she wanted a Casablanca inspired theme on her bag with perhaps Mickey and Minnie, or Roger Rabbit and Jessica, i leapt at the chance to go for Mr and Mrs Rabbit! This was one of my favourite films when i was younger and it remains forever a classic. The cartoon itself is a parody, on the surface a fun bumbling cartoon, but for adults it has layer upon layer of irony, homing in on every type of film noir stereotype ever created from vintage Hollywood cinema: the damsel in distress, the evil villain, the love sick male, the tough nut cop with a soft spot for damsels, all loaded with classic film quote after quote. This cartoon in itself addresses gender stereotype in history, and what better than for me to add another layer to it by taking the damsel in distress and love sick leading role and plonk them into another film classic, Casablanca, that does exactly the same formula…. A double whammy love story that follows the classic formula stereotyping. But also, for me, this bag is just a pure pleasure to paint, for Jessica Rabbit was a character that i idealised.IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9063 IMG_9071 IMG_9081 IMG_9133 IMG_9134 IMG_9131 IMG_9132

sticking to traditional palette of colours using very fine acrylic paint brushes with Angelus Shoe Polish from Angelus Direct

Boyarde painted bags in todays Financial Times, How To Spend IT Magazine

Delighted to see a lovely quarter of a page about my hand painted bags and my journey to get to them, featured in today’s FT, HOW TO SPEND IT MAGAZINE, the special ART edition! Here is also the bag that was featured. :)FT how to spend it collage bags 150214 FT how to spend it bags cover 150214 FT how to spend it bags p27 150214IMG_8694

Hand painted bags inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood

My art address gender stereotypes in popular culture, which gives a broad palette for inspiration when re contextualising familiar imagery into the Pop Idiom. It can cover anything from popular imagery of the great masters of art, to comic strips, to pop artists themselves to cinema and photography. Here and there, a superhero comes into play from macho batman to minxy Minnie. But where i currently find most joy, is looking to the silver screen of Hollywood cinema, finding inspiration from classic film stills to film noir actresses. Their beauty is classic and timeless, which for me, is key in creating a piece of art that will not only last, physically, when painted on a bag, but stand the test of time, fashion and trends.

Film noir, as a genre was packed with gender stereotypes and ripe with macho men and damsels in distress: its the perfect place to pluck these characters out and re contextualise with different quotes / song lyrics / movie lines to create a new narrative on my canvas: a birkin or a goyard or a louis vuitton!IMG_8560 IMG_8618 Lady in red Rita Hayworth Style mashed up with Gone with The Winds ‘Frankly My Dear I don’t Give a Damn’….IMG_8619 IMG_8583 IMG_8581 IMG_8694 The perfect film Noir lighting to photograph this bagIMG_8762 IMG_8925 IMG_9179  To catch a Thief meets, Moulin RougeIMG_9247 IMG_9260 IMG_9293 to catch a thief mash up square text

Man Bag! Louis Vuitton packed with a punch!

This Louis Vuitton bag was for my second male client. It was a surprise from his girlfriend. Here is a clear Pop Art comic strip style bag using all the traditional punches of pop art, from the usual explosions, graphic use of words and basic emotions. Alpha v Alpha. Its a fun piece of narrative addressing gender stereotyping throughout history and popular culture. IMG_8788 IMG_8803 IMG_8886 IMG_8885

Catch up: Boyarde Art on bags

Its been an incredible past 8 months since i started learning to paint on bags, deciding that would be my latest canvas to express my art and explore new narratives. In general my art still centres around SCOPOPHILIA, the pleasure of gazing at the female form, finding that balance between power and vulnerability, but using the tool of Kitsch to create depth through humour and irony. My love of Pop Art, using the Pop Idiom to re contextualise images from Popular Culture and mash them up with well known quotes and song lyrics, allows me to continue my theme of art that addresses how we stereotype men and women, but in a mischievous light hearted way.

My art bags have been received with welcome arms across the globe and i now have regular clients stretching from Brazil to Dubai to Singapore. Each bag is a special commission and all enquiries are taken through

IMG_9104 IMG_9008 IMG_8807IMG_8295