Personalise your christmas gifts with Boyarde!

Are you stuck as to what to get your friends and family for christmas? Well..

Boyarde has now created a set of limited edition hand painted pop art initials to personalise any fashion accessory, after the success of the initials she painted for LK Bennett, and London’s Top Fashionistas and Brand Ambassadors.

Here are some pictures of the making of the LK Bennett initials, to inspire you for your own hand painted Boyarde chirstmas accessories.

To order your own in time for christmas, please email for further info!final Boyarde limited edition initials email LK Bennet initials purple copy LK Bennet initials 1 copyLK Bennet initials 5 copy LK Bennet initials 4 copy

Win an LK Bennett ‘Mariel’ bag, hand painted by Boyarde!

After the overwhelming response and demand from customers, Boyarde and LK Bennett have teamed up together to do a competition to give away 5 of Boyarde’s Hand painted, Pop Art Initials on LK Bennett’s SS16 Mariel cross body bag. For a chance to win go to the LK Bennett website, sign up to their newsletter or find them on Instagram and Twitter. I look forward to hand painting the final 5! If you are interested in getting your own and can’t wait for the competition, email for details or fill in the form below. xx GOOD LUCK! xx (terms and conditions apply)lk bennett boyarde competition 2 lk bennett rumpus mondrian lk bennett competition LK Bennet initials purple copy LK Bennet initials orange copy LK Bennet initials grey copy LK Bennet initials 4 copy lk bennet mondrian girls LK Bennet initials 1 copy

Boyarde’s beautiful Bottoms are back, for Bravo TV’s Ladies of London, season finale!

Excited to announce that Boyarde and her body painting skills recently appeared on the last episode of this seasons Ladies of London, which was aired in the US this week!

The wonderful ‘flexie foodie’ Julie Montagu, a cast member of Ladies of London, a yoga powerhouse and author of successful healthy eating cookbooks such as ‘Superfoods’, made the perfect canvas for a boyarde artwork. Boyarde created a signature ‘Pop Art’ design for the season finale, inspired by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, but using Julie’s fabulous healthy, all natural, raw, food brand ‘JUB’ as subject matter. What a result!! Boyarde is all about empowering the inner goddess, and who better to paint than Julie Montagu, whose food brand is all about promoting health and wellbeing, and feeling fabulous from within!!ladies of london julie montagu superfoods2 ladies of london julie montagu superfoodsladies of london 2

Reality TV was a new experience for Boyarde, who was filmed form start to finish. Boyarde is yet to see the episode and hopes that she was a fabulous Diva herself!!

Drama has already begun on the social media with cast member tweeting: “If Jules can have her bum out, then I can certainly have an opinion and say it to everyone’s face!!”

Here are some snaps from the day, and a shot of the final image!

julie montague body painting snippet 1 julie montague body painting snippet 2Julie Jub final triptychJulie Jub final single

and here are some other pieces of Boyarde’s body painted, beautiful bottoms and bodies xxDrop Dead Gorgeous pink purple blue IMG_1976 Warhol marilyn triptych email c Baang Baang Baang behind the kiss a3 DSC03276 Boyarde Art in Portugal DSC03240 Boyarde Art in Portugal DSC03272 Boyarde Art in Portugal IMG_2667 Boyarde Art in Portugal IMG_2677 Boyarde Art in Portugal

Boyarde collaborates with LK Bennett!

Boyarde isn’t known for doing initials. However what better way to do so, than creating a Boyarde’esque ‘signature pop art monogram! The bold lines combined with the vibrant colours really ‘Pop’ and give these fabulous LK Bennett camera bags another dimension!

These eye-catching bags were painted for a rather large handful of top UK fashionistas and brand ambassadors. These fabulous bags were given to their owners at and LK Bennett Instagram preview brunch, held at the Mondrian, in the Rumpus room Roof Top Terrace Bar! It was a sensational room, with breathtaking views of London and fabulous Art Deco decor.

It was a fantastic morning filled with mingling and photo frenzies, all washed down with delicious green juices accompanied by fancy bagels and smashed avocado toast. Phrases were throw out there such as ‘hosting posting’ and ‘insta-stalking!’ We had a wonderful time, and we hope all those fashionistas loved their Boyarde hand painted bags!

IMG_9746lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9818lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9769lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9750lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9763lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9753lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9734lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9782lkbennett mondrian boyarde_1 IMG_9800lkbennett mondrian boyarde lk bennet mondrian girls IMG_9821lkbennett mondrian boyardeIMG_9795lkbennett mondrian boyarde IMG_9803lkbennett mondrian boyardeIMG_9723lkbennett mondrian boyarde

Boyarde paints a Diva on a Smythson Panama Tote, For The London Chatter’s Kelly Eastwood!

Boyarde recently exhibited a selection of her hand painted bags at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for both London Fashion Week, and Frieze London.  Especially for the occasion Boyarde painted a selection of unique and personalised designs, on the beloved bags of some of UK’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Amongst these exquisite bags was Kelly Eastwood’s Smythson Tote. Boyarde was delighted to personalise a Smythson bag, Smythson being one of the UK’S top luxury fashion brands. When choosing a design, Kelly of the London chatter, was keen to combine her childhood memories of growing up in kenya with her love of the Lion King, hence the perfect pairing of the Swahili, lion King inspired quote: “Hakuna Matata Sweet Cheeks “with this fabulous Catherine Hepburn inspired Diva.

Smythson, described their bag as receiving a “Boyarde make-over”, Smythson personalisation “taking on a whole new level of artistry!” Check out the link below to see the great piece Smythson wrote about Kelly’s fab bag!

Here are some photos of the bag in the making, as well as some snaps of it on display at The Hyatt! We are so pleased that Kelly loves her epic Diva. We hope you like it to!


Hakuna Matata Smythson 1 Hakuna Matata Smythson logo Hakuna Matata Smythson 2


Here is the bag on display at the Hyatt!

hyatt exhibition 6

Hyatt Regency Churchill exhibition

Celebrating in style for Frieze London!

To celebrate the success of Boyarde’s recent exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, for Frieze London; The Montagu hosted a fabulous Boyarde cocktail evening!!

The evening brought together all those who made the exhibition possible, including a handful of fabulous fashion and lifestyle bloggers,who so kindly leant their beloved bags for the exhibition.

With champagne on tap, an array of delectable nibbles, and a display of hand piped chocolate palettes, each equipped with a set of delicious edible paintbrushes, the evening was a great success!!

The highlight of the evening however, was without a doubt the amazing Frieze art cocktail, entitled the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ especially designed for Frieze London by the Hyatt’s very own barman: Marcus. Displayed in an arty hand painted jar, With smoked infused lavender and mixed with edible paint, the cocktail was a huge huge hit! We had certainly had a few!

To add a bit of Boyarde-esque mischievousness to the evening, all our guests, had great fun in the Boyarde photo booth, equipped with handheld witty speech bubbles, with some of Hollywood’s most iconic quotes. See if you can spot yourself in the photos below!! Which speech bubble best describes you?!?

The Boyarde team, would like to say a huge thank you to all who came to support the event, and whom made the exhibition possible; we hope you had as much fun as we did! One particular thank you goes to the Hyatt team, who have made every event spectacular, and have made us feel so welcome throughout the duration of the exhibition!! So here is a selection of photos from the fabulous evening, look out for the one of Boyarde munching in to the chocolate paint pallette, its a gooden!!;)

IMG_1929frieze hyattIMG_1916frieze hyatt

The bar, equipped with Boyarde Diva coasters!!

IMG_1903frieze hyatt IMG_1902frieze hyatt

IMG_1913frieze hyatt IMG_1930frieze hyatt



The fabulous chocolate art paint palette! Yum!!

IMG_1965frieze hyatt IMG_1953frieze hyatt IMG_1907frieze hyatt IMG_9164frieze hyatt


The amazing art cocktail: ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody’IMG_1918frieze hyattIMG_1924frieze hyatt IMG_9151frieze hyatt IMG_9107frieze hyatt IMG_9116frieze hyatt


Boyarde Photobooth fun!! Spot the lovely Emily, and the wonderful girls at the Hyatt!



The wonderful Alan, manager of the Churchill bar!IMG_1925frieze hyatt



The Boyarde team pouting away!


Marcus the barmen in full swing!

IMG_9119frieze hyatt  IMG_9134frieze hyatt


IMG_9160frieze hyatt

Boyarde digging in!! Definitely a rebel without a cause ;)

IMG_9143frieze hyatt IMG_9163frieze hyatt IMG_9153frieze hyatt

New York Fashion Pieces for Liberty London

Boyarde recently painted some fabulous designs for Liberty’s managing director, Ed Burstell, and Liberty Womenswear buyer, Rhian Grimstead. These fabulous Liberty iconic Iphis print bags were proudly strutted in New York fashion week!

Ed Burstell is a New Yorker in London, so Boyarde wanted to play on the Big Apple theme for his piece. What better than Magritte’s ‘Son of man’  with a little Boyarde mischievousness;) The Liberty tote design for Rhian features Boyarde’s signature Diva based on classic Hollywood glamour diva’s from the 40s and 50s. This blonde bombshell really stands out against the purple iphis print! We are in love with this Liberty Marlbourough Tote bag! Here are some snaps for you.


Liberty magritte pouch 10 copy Liberty magritte pouch 4 copy Liberty magritte pouch 9 copy Liberty diva tote 8 copy Liberty diva tote 1a copy liberty diva tote 1 copy


Boyarde ‘Artist in residence’ at Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotel for London Fashion Week!

An exciting week for Boyarde! Boyarde is currently the artist in residence at the Hyatt Regency hotel, The Churchill, in London’s Marylebone for London Fashion week!

Boyarde is showcasing her ‘Pop Art” style hand-painted designs on exclusive handbags, kindly lent by celebrities, fashion bloggers and friends, throughout London Fashion Week!

We had a wonderful day setting up the exhibition yesterday; our hard work made worth it by a wonderful spread of fabulous tea and salads! Here are a few snaps of the exhibition set up from start to finish to give you a little teaser. Make note of the very elegant white gloves worn at all times to avoid fingerprints on the perspex boxes. We were thrilled with final result!

Please come see the exhibition and have a cup of fancy tea with Boyarde in the upcoming days where she will be busy painting in the main lobby of the hotel. All details can be found below. We would love to see as many of you there as we can to see Boyarde in action!

Boyarde will be there over a course of three afternoons between 1:30PM-5:30PM on Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st September.

Exhibition date: Friday 18th – Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Address: Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, 30 Portman SquareMarylebone, London W1H 7BH.

Now for some pictures! Here is Boyarde in action!


Here is a snap of The final product! Please come see it in person!

hyatt exhibition 8

Hyatt Regency 1afirst for some tea!

hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition 6 where to start?!IMG_8514Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibitionHyatt Exhibition 9

Boyarde handling her Coca cola with great care!Hyatt Exhibition 12 Hyatt Exhibition 13

Boyarde’s hand painted shoes for Charlotte Olympia and Neiman Marcus, Art Basel 2012!hyatt exhibition 4 hyatt exhibition 7 IMG_1753Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibition hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibition hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition 7Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibitionhyatt exhibition 2ahyatt exhibition 3 time for lunch!hyatt exhibition 2hyatt exhibition 1 Boyarde in a box, literally!!!

Hyatt Exhibition 10hyatt exhibition 6

Hyatt Regency Churchill exhibition 3 Hyatt Regency Churchill exhibition 2 Hyatt Regency Churchill exhibition 1 hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibition hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition 7Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibition boyarde hanging exhibition hyatt hyatt regency churchill hotel lfw exhibition hyatt regency churchill lfw exhibition 4Hyatt Regency hotel lfw exhibition see you there! x

For any further information please contact: / +44(0) 7961 160472

Iron Man Guards the Money!!

Another classic Marvel character! A client wanted something special for her husband. Who better to guard your money, than Iron Man! A challenging commission for an artist, as it is very complex to paint such a small image, and involves the most minuscule of brushes! Great final product though, and very happy client. :):)

Iron man 3 logo Iron man 2 logo Iron man 1 logo (1)