Audrey Hepburn Diva Birkin!

What better subject matter than the fabulous Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady,  paired up with Ginger Rogers’ brilliant quote: “There’s nothing a man can do that I can’t do better in heels!” The diamonds on the back give it that extra element of luxury.

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin front text

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin front diamonds back text Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up diamonds back Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 4 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 1 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 3 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 2

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin montage

Latest selection of Boyarde’s hand painted art Bags

What a busy start to the year! I have been beavering away creating some fabulous new designs for clients; including a selection of mash ups which combine satirical narrative with some iconic cartoon characters! Here is a selection for you to give you a little taster.

Mickey minnie mouse marvel wonder woman text

Mickey and Minnie mouse as Captain America and Wonder Woman….

mickey minnie marvel mash up kelly montage

Snow white dwarves red goyard close up 2

Close up of the seven dwarfs happily sitting on their Hermes, and Chanel boxes!

Flintstones goyard front and back

Betty and Wilma are notoriously known for their love of shoping, so what better than to pair them up with Samantha’s fabulous quote from sex and the City..

Flintstones Goyard back

Couldn’t resist the irony of painting the clam of Bedrock, in reference to the multiple reality TV shows, such as the real housewives of Beverly Hills…


Miss Piggy Goyard close up miss piggy and kermit goyard

What better than to pair up the most narcissistic self involved cartoon character with Dolly Parton’s famous quote..

Popeye close up Popeye and Olive Goyard

Popeye known for his strength and non-nonsensical dialogue, and his undying love for Olive, couldn’t resist giving him John Travolta’s famous line from Grease..

mickey mouse mini kelly front and back mickey mouse mini kelly front 2

“Here’s Mickey!” …. my version of Johnny in the shining

Snow White Red Goyard front and back Snow white red goyard front

Snow white uses her original quote but instead of referring to the poisonous apple she refers to her addiction to shopping.. that as the dwarfs say “she couldn’t resist”..

Mickey Mouse she loves me Birkin text

Mickey tries it on with the owner of the bag…!


For enquiries, email or fill in the box below! x 

Boyarde’s Bottoms on TV!

After such a successful year for Boyarde’s art bags, Boyarde’s bottoms have stepped back in to the limelight, and are to make an appearance on a US reality television programme! It will be aired in America in June and in England in the Autumn. We can’t give it all away now, but the project  involved the lovely Julie Montagu, the ‘flexi foodie’! Keep your eyes peeled for some Beautiful Boyarde Bottoms.

Boyarde :)

julie montague body painting snippet 2 julie montague body painting snippet 1

Boyarde collaborates with Kiehl’s UK for Selfridges, London, Saturday February 7th!

It has been a very exciting start to the new year, with one of my favourite beauty brands asking me to collaborate with them! I I have been busily creating a signature Pop Art Diva for the celebration of the Chinese New year, taking place at Selfridges in Oxford street this weekend.

I decided to create a pop art diva inspired by my favourite Kiehl’s beauty product: Midnight recovery. I thought what better Disney icon for the job than Cinderella as after all  ‘The magic begins at midnight for this princess!’

If this takes your fancy and you want to know more please pop by Selfridges tomorrow, between 12-6pm to meet me in person, and find out how you can get your hands on your very own exclusive piece of Boyarde bag artwork.

IMG_4407IMG_4499IMG_4500IMG_4414the final fabulous tote bag! our very own Modern day Cinderella! Clock Strikes Midnight but this is perfect for this diva!!!!IMG_4567the famous Kiehls Doctor skeleton rocking the Boyarde Pop Art Bag!IMG_4568 IMG_4570Cosmopolitan magazine loves the Boyarde Pop Art Diva bag for Kiehls!

A selection of recent Boyarde’s Pop Art Hand bags

My goodness what a busy year it has been! And incredibly exciting and humbling; just over a year ago, i decided to learn how to paint on leather and vinyl handbags and embrace my new fashion audience, having successfully hand painted 100 pairs of limited edition Charlotte Olympia Dolly’s for the Neiman Marcus Charlotte Olympia Collaboration for Art Basel 2012. Since then, my hand bags have featured in Vogue Brasil, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, You Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Marie Claire Turkey, L’officiel Indonesia and more!  I love painting, but in particular l have always liked a challenge, and have always found myself painting on unusual canvasses from body painting to murals. My passion has always been about empowering women, and addressing how we gender stereotype. I am a visual artist, and was often described by my tutors at art university, as being too ‘literal’. So it was last year that i decided to turn being literal, from a ‘weakness’ into my strength, embracing the irony of superficial visually aesthetic art. And this is where my Pop Art side comes in…!

Here is a snippet from my press release that sums it up:

When focusing on her painterly work, Boyarde describes herself as ‘painting on everything but paper’. This came as a natural transition from using the female body as a canvas, to shoes and most recently bags. Her Pop Art now transcends from the body to fashion accessories, and her new projects explore further her fascination with the female form and the nature of its power, engendered in the ‘pleasure of looking’: Scopophilia. This notion examines all gazes, from narcissism within the subject, to objectification by the viewer. Working in the Pop Idiom, Boyarde re-contextualizes familiar sub-conscious Scopophilic images of all types of art from The Pre-Raphaelites to Lichtenstein, to The Golden Age of Comics to icons of photography and cinema. In doing so she unravels the history of gender stereotype and by painting onto her canvas, be it the female body or a handbag, she transforms high art into low art, back into high art, by embracing the wonderful vulgar progress of kitsch.

The word is spreading, and my fabulous clientele reach from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia to Europe and all the way over to Brazil. Here are some pictures of recent creations that focus around popular culture, stigma’s and stereotypes… Enjoy :)

Love this Film Noir, silver screen creation for a gorgeous Brazilian Client on her Burgundy Hermes 35 Birkin.

Agla birkin film noir martini agla birkin back film noir perfum bottle having a play on gender stereotype and the clash of the alpha’s, for a lovely client in Taiwan on this juicy Purple Birkin

catwoman swinging purple birkin batman catwoman mans world purple birkin ‘Im not like other girls’ says Alice…!alice in wonderland goyard front alice in wonderland goyard back A classic Cecil Beaton picture of Audrey Hepburn, for this romantic, subtle artwork on this Blue Birkin.audrey hepburn blue birkin in progress audrey hepburn blue birkin text Who can resist, painting Coco on a Coco! Coco chanel chanel 255 front view Coco chanel on chanel 255 close up Coco chanel chanel 255 bottle back Love this design! One of the most famous Alpha Male Quotes from Gone with the Wind, turned around to be said by this film noir beauty. ‘Frankly My dear, i don’t give a damn!’frankly my dear front goyard frankly my dear back goyard Somewhere over the Rainbow…. that’s where you’ll find me… somewhere over the rainbow fendi front somewhere over the rainbow fendi back somewhere over the rainbow fendi close upFT how to spend it collage bags 150214You magazine interiors lush list valentines 090214Vogue Brasil december 13 p164 bagsI will try to post more images soon, with some behind the scenes of the artwork. I hope you enjoyed it. For commission enquiries, please email / for all the information, please note there is currently a waiting list of around 7-14 weeks for completion of the artwork.


Mickey and Minnie: Bonnie and Clyde Style

this gorgeous Birkin was for a client who wants Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Boyarde stylie! What better than to look to the past and create a vintage M&M inspired by the incredible film of Bonnie and Clyde. Here M&M have their fashion sense ramped up, and their attitude also. Mickey is the ultimate alpha male stereotype, protector of his ‘woman’, whilst Minnie, plays out the role of the typical female, looking in the mirror and not giving a darn! It’s a mash-up of stereotypes taken from popular culture, given a kitsch twist to create depth and narrative. This bag featured in Turkish Marie Claire.Bonnie-and-Clyde-classic-movies-277565_953_1400Bonnie and Clyde played by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in 1967.IMG_8370 IMG_8388 IMG_8400 IMG_8411 IMG_8416 IMG_8417

Je Ne regrette Rien: I regret nothing… taken from Edith Piaf’s song.

(using Angelus Paints from Angelus direct)

The bag featured in Turkish Marie Claire

marie claire turkey bags 0114

Boyarde Scopophilia Art interview for GMT, BBC WORLD NEWS



Today i was interviewed by the brilliant Tim Wilcox at the BBC headquarters for BBC WORLD NEWS, on GMT, a programme for the international audience, with a weekly viewings of 70 million! I was terrified but excited as i was going to have 4 minutes to talk about my journey from Belize, Central America, to body painting in Belize, to exhibiting my Bottom body painted art all over the world to my Pop Art. There was so much more i planned to say but of course didnt fit it all in, but am so pleased with the result, and am surprised by how well i hid my nerves! Here  it is plus a few pictures. Thank you to Caz MacClancy for organizing this. If you are interested in any of my limited edition pop art bottoms please contact Caz MacClancy at

video below

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1



Taking a break from painting bags, remember, i seem to ‘paint on everything but paper’, i never stray too far from my original canvas, the female body, to express my art, using my paint brush to address ‘the gaze’ upon her and from within her, finding the balance between power and vulnerability, with a mischievous, playful twist.

I photographed some beautiful bottoms last year, one was when i went on Russell Howard’s Good News show on BBC 3. I went down the blatant Pop Art theme, taking direct clippings from 1950s comic strips and giving them a film noir, pulp fiction thriller twist. Her body, as the canvas reveals the extreme female stereotypes played out in past popular culture, here the quote ‘she was explosive and he knew it’, on the surface plays out a literal ticking time bomb, also revealing a femme fatale, dangerous and seductive and in danger of terrifying the male subject, verging on a black widow type woman, a spider who treats her mate like her next meal! This is extreme, this is film noir, pulp fiction, and this woman is devious, void of any vulnerable attributes, this woman is a stereotype of 1950s fantasy novels and comic strips and she is anything but real! Keeping in theme with original comic strip colours, the palette is bright but has a ‘vintage’ feel. Its POP POP POP packed with a punch! And it’s not just a pretty bottom. I also photographed another similar but different bottom with the same genre of Film noir and B-movie 1950s film posters; once again it took me rather a long time to edit it as my work load never eased up. Here I am keeping the words ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ and taking it very literally to create my narrative with some humour kept in.

Here are the final edits of 2014, some times i like to leave a piece for a while before coming back to it, as i was not happy with the original colours.russell howard 2 on BBC 3’s Russell Howard show, it was a hoot!Russell howard 1 IMG_3235bomb1  Backstage, waiting to be filmed. Alexandra’s beautiful bottom!IMG_3242Boom Boom Boom PINK PURPLE REDBOOM BOOM BOOM, she was explosive and he knew it! a parody of pulp and film noir femme fatales.drop dead gorgeous drawing email

my original drawing for Drop Dead GorgeousDrop Dead Gorgeous pink purple blue

the final colours for Drop Dead Gorgeous in a triptych, although i may release one with a gold version also!

Drop Dead Gorgeous in Pink



Drop Dead Gorgeous in Pink!

These has now been released (June 2014) and other colours may be released too. The final image is sold as a limited edition triptych of 10 only as a c-type photograph available framed in Diasec. A single version will also be released as a limited edition of 5 only at 100x66cm. Please email for details. 

Boyarde Solo Show at Faron Sutaria, London June 10th

I was delighted to find out that Caz MacClancy of CazyAn LifeStyle and Art had organised a solo show of my gallery artwork this summer. As i have been so busy hand painting my art onto fashion accessories the past 7 months, from Louis Vuittons to Hermes Birkins, that i have not been able to devote any time to my beloved Bottom Art! Last year i created a new series of body painted bottoms specifically concentrating on the Pop Art genre, dealing with gender stereotyping in Popular Culture and familiar imagery. Each piece, deals with female stereotyping, by re-contextualising old imagery to convey a new narrative, loaded with mischievous wit and humour; by ‘slapping’ it literally onto the female form, the irony of the stereotype is embraced further.

Due to my heavy work load and commitments, some of the pieces were still not finished or printed. So it was perfect timing to have this show and showcase all the new works alongside my classic work.

The private view was a huge success, from the incredible canapés served on picture frames, to the exquisite cup cakes with edible Boyarde art, to my fabulous two Pop Girl ambassadors, Cecily and Talia, adorned in speech bubbles ‘ask me a question?’ and ‘you talkin’ to me?!’, there on hand to help answer any questions about my art works on display. The champagne was flowing and Faron Sutaria, South Kensington, transformed their working office into an incredible Pop Up Event for one night. Thank you to all involved, especially Caz MacClancy and Ben Rivera with whom it would not have been possible. I am pleased to announce that the exhibition will be a permanent feature over Summer 2014. Please visit Faron Sutaria, 115 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London.IMG_1607

i would like to eat these again please!IMG_1941

Boyarde Art in front of Boyarde Art!IMG_1910

Boyarde in front of the Skins on the window, they certainly got some attention!IMG_1949

my and my pop girl ambassadors, Cecily and Talia!IMG_1902

exhibition all ready to go!IMG_1950 IMG_1959 IMG_1948


go on! you know you want to!

gIMG_1982 IMG_1975 IMG_1980

Behind the Kiss in Purple, 2013IMG_4119faronsutaria

BUTT BUTT BUTT?! 2013IMG_4101faronsutaria

myself and gorgeous FariaIMG_4100faronsutaria IMG_4109faronsutaria

my father and TaliaIMG_4116faronsutaria

classic works!IMG_4114faronsutaria


Super hero and cartoon character bags! Hermes and Goyard

As the art i specialise in, addresses how we gender stereotype in popular culture, that pretty much covers everything and everyone, from high art to low art, it looks at mass culture. And where better to find ultimate portrayals of stereotypes, than comic books! Here i have mashed up gender stereotyping and given a little more narrative to these traditional characters. Pumped up Batman and Cat woman, stand there, ready for action, all toned in physique, brimming with macho macho and sexy sexy, only to have the wind taken out of their sails with a slap of irony: ‘now what are we supposed to do?!’. Alpha Female Wonder Woman, known for catching the bad guys and never showing her vulnerable side, uses her alpha powers of persuasion to grab Mickey Mouse with a little help from Frankie Goes to Hollywoods ‘The Power of Love’… Here she plays the dominatrix stereotype. In the next Wonder woman bag painted on a gorgeous Goyard Orange ‘Vendome’, Wonder Woman stays more true to her roots, with a splash of wisdom.  And finally, Mickey Mouse tries his luck with the owner of the white Birkin, seeing if he can get lucky for one night only!…. Here we parody the characters we know so well, making the stereotypes so literal, that that in turn, through humour and wit, literal becomes more layered with meaning.IMG_8492 IMG_8501 IMG_8543 IMG_8979IMG_8956 IMG_9017 IMG_9190 IMG_9240 IMG_9216IMG_8901 IMG_8976

Angelus Paints from Angelus Direct :)