Boyarde paints personalised pop art portraits!

I have recently begun to paint personalised pop art portraits of my clients. The outcome has been great! Here is a sneak peak of the results!

If you would like Boyarde to paint your portrait, or perhaps a friend or family member on your own fashion accessories, get in touch by emailing or by clicking on the link on the homepage. Of course i like to do it with my usual mischievous wit if you’ll let me!

angela arifin portrait birkin montage angela portrait close up 3 angela portrait close up 2

Angela portrait 2

My beautiful client, with her Shitsu called Gucci, with the fabulously daring quote from the equally daring Samantha from sex in the city “It’s not a bag it’s a birkin”

sinan daughter red goyard work in progress Sinan daughter red goyard close up 3 text sinan daughter blue goyard work in progress

sinan daughter blue goyard 2 Sinan daughter red goyard 2

My client’s lovely daughter, with playful speech bubbles of her first words.

Boyarde’s bags feature in the April edition of Most Magazine!

It would seem that Boyarde’s hand painted bags have captured the attention of the press, taking the fancy of international fashion magazine- Most Magazine!!

Most magazine focuses on showcasing current and up and coming fashion trends, complimented by photographs shot by the best photographers from around the globe. They aim to introduce and connect you with some of the finest artists and professionals within every industry!

Check out the article about Boyarde’s bespoke fashion art bags, featuring a direct interview with Boyarde herself. Click on the link below to see view the whole on-line edition of the magazine. Boyarde’s bags feature on pages 82-84!

Most Mag 0515 montageMost Mag 0515 p1Most Mag 0515 p2Most Mag front cover 0515

Minnie Mouse quoting Ginger Rogers on a Louis Vuitton!

I have been a busy artist this week! What better than to pair the famous Disney character with the fabulous Ginger Roger’s quote “There’s nothing a man can do, that I can’t do better in heels!”

Minni Mouse Louis Vuitton front and back text

Minnie Mouse Louis Vuitton close up text

If you are interested in having your very own unique Boyarde artwork painted on your bag, please email, or click on the link on the homepage.

Downton’s Abbey’s Maggie Smith on a Louis Vuitton Epi Leather!

It has been a busy week of painting, here is a sneak peak of my latest creation. What better than Downton Abbey’s Countess of Grantham played the fabulous Maggie Smith as subject matter! Here she is on a purple Louis Vuitton Epi Leather, paired with the countesses own quote “At my age one must ration one’s excitement!”

In fitting with the Downton Abbey traditional English theme, the reverse of the bag features a bone china teapot, and a slice of red velvet cake. Everybody loves a good afternoon tea!! :)

Downton Abbey bag front Downton Abbey bag tea set back

Downton Abbey bag close up 2 boyarde

downton abbey montage

Mr Monopoly and Betty Boop on a Birkin!

What better than the iconic and mischievous Betty Boop, paired with Mr Monopoly, to transform this once Green Hermes Birkin! Here are snaps of the finished bag, and i will try and figure out how to upload the video making of, next! Bling baby bling! ‘I ain’t sayin she’s a Golddigga…’! This bag is inspired by the graffiti artist Alec Monopoly aka Mr Monopoly.

The client did not like the original green colour, so i decided the colour match the front to the existing blue front flap, but first to prepare the surface so it can be entirely primed!Mr monopoly birkin close up a Mr monopoly birkin close up bMr monopoly birkin close up d

Mr monopoly birkin close up 3 Mr monopoly birkin close up 8 Mr Monopoly montage 2Mr monopoly birkin text

if you want to have your bag painted with satire and Pop Art by Boyarde get in touch or email x



Audrey Hepburn Diva Birkin!

What better subject matter than the fabulous Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady,  paired up with Ginger Rogers’ brilliant quote: “There’s nothing a man can do that I can’t do better in heels!” The diamonds on the back give it that extra element of luxury.

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin front text

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin front diamonds back text Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up diamonds back Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 4 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 1 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 3 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady birkin close up 2

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady Birkin montage

Latest selection of Boyarde’s hand painted art Bags

What a busy start to the year! I have been beavering away creating some fabulous new designs for clients; including a selection of mash ups which combine satirical narrative with some iconic cartoon characters! Here is a selection for you to give you a little taster.

Mickey minnie mouse marvel wonder woman text

Mickey and Minnie mouse as Captain America and Wonder Woman….

mickey minnie marvel mash up kelly montage

Snow white dwarves red goyard close up 2

Close up of the seven dwarfs happily sitting on their Hermes, and Chanel boxes!

Flintstones goyard front and back

Betty and Wilma are notoriously known for their love of shoping, so what better than to pair them up with Samantha’s fabulous quote from sex and the City..

Flintstones Goyard back

Couldn’t resist the irony of painting the clam of Bedrock, in reference to the multiple reality TV shows, such as the real housewives of Beverly Hills…


Miss Piggy Goyard close up miss piggy and kermit goyard

What better than to pair up the most narcissistic self involved cartoon character with Dolly Parton’s famous quote..

Popeye close up Popeye and Olive Goyard

Popeye known for his strength and non-nonsensical dialogue, and his undying love for Olive, couldn’t resist giving him John Travolta’s famous line from Grease..

mickey mouse mini kelly front and back mickey mouse mini kelly front 2

“Here’s Mickey!” …. my version of Johnny in the shining

Snow White Red Goyard front and back Snow white red goyard front

Snow white uses her original quote but instead of referring to the poisonous apple she refers to her addiction to shopping.. that as the dwarfs say “she couldn’t resist”..

Mickey Mouse she loves me Birkin text

Mickey tries it on with the owner of the bag…!


For enquiries, email or fill in the box below! x 

Boyarde’s Bottoms on TV!

After such a successful year for Boyarde’s art bags, Boyarde’s bottoms have stepped back in to the limelight, and are to make an appearance on a US reality television programme! It will be aired in America in June and in England in the Autumn. We can’t give it all away now, but the project  involved the lovely Julie Montagu, the ‘flexi foodie’! Keep your eyes peeled for some Beautiful Boyarde Bottoms.

Boyarde :)

julie montague body painting snippet 2 julie montague body painting snippet 1

Boyarde collaborates with Kiehl’s UK for Selfridges, London, Saturday February 7th!

It has been a very exciting start to the new year, with one of my favourite beauty brands asking me to collaborate with them! I I have been busily creating a signature Pop Art Diva for the celebration of the Chinese New year, taking place at Selfridges in Oxford street this weekend.

I decided to create a pop art diva inspired by my favourite Kiehl’s beauty product: Midnight recovery. I thought what better Disney icon for the job than Cinderella as after all  ‘The magic begins at midnight for this princess!’

If this takes your fancy and you want to know more please pop by Selfridges tomorrow, between 12-6pm to meet me in person, and find out how you can get your hands on your very own exclusive piece of Boyarde bag artwork.

IMG_4407IMG_4499IMG_4500IMG_4414the final fabulous tote bag! our very own Modern day Cinderella! Clock Strikes Midnight but this is perfect for this diva!!!!IMG_4567the famous Kiehls Doctor skeleton rocking the Boyarde Pop Art Bag!IMG_4568 IMG_4570Cosmopolitan magazine loves the Boyarde Pop Art Diva bag for Kiehls!