Iron Man Guards the Money!!

Another classic Marvel character! A client wanted something special for her husband. Who better to guard your money, than Iron Man! A challenging commission for an artist, as it is very complex to paint such a small image, and involves the most minuscule of brushes! Great final product though, and very happy client. :):)

Iron man 3 logo Iron man 2 logo Iron man 1 logo (1)

Lichtenstein Mash up!

Irony upon Irony here! Taking the iconic Lichtenstein image, known for contextualising the everyday by placing it in a gallery to create a new narrative on gender stereotyping. Here Boyarde has taken his piece and flipped the gender stereotype even further by giving her the famous Alpha Male quote from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men! ‘I wan’t the truth!’ ‘You can’t Handle the Truth!!!

Email to get your very own Boyarde fashion art bag painted!

Lichtenstein Louis Vuitton Montage copy

lichtenstein louis vuitton back version 3 copy lichtenstein louis vuitton front version 1 copy

Tamara Ecclestone out and about with her hand painted Boyarde bags!

Nothing makes an artist happier than to see their artworks being exhibited proudly in public. Here is Tamara Ecclestone, using her Boyarde DisneyGoyard duffles as her luggage bags! What lovely comments from someone following Tamara’s Instagram feed who has recognised Boyarde’s unique style and hashtagged ‘Boyarde’ at the end of the feed! Very happy artist :)

tamara ecclestone disney goyard on location


One off hand painted Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Dolly’s for charity!

It has been 3 year since I painted 100 pairs of limited edition Charlotte Olympia Dolly’s for Art Basel in 2012!  It was a wonderful to reminisce last week when I painted a one off pair of Pop art Lichtenstein Dolly’s for a Bedales charity auction.

The shoes are of particular importance to me as It was my painted Dolly’s that got the attention of the fashion world, where upon i decided to embrace my new fashion audience and expand my artistic canvases from not only hand painted body art, to fashion accessories.

Here are some snaps of the finished product taken on the rooftop of my new studio!Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Dollys revisit 2015  logo 4Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Dollys revisit 2015 1Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Dollys revisit 2015 logo 5Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Dollys revisit 2015 logo 3


Here are some pictures from the original 100 pairs that i painted for Neiman Marcus / Charlotte Olympia, Art Basel Miami 2012….

dolly pop art elle us december dolly art shoes she finds 20121204-202440.jpg dolly hodgkin final charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde IMG_4271 1charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde 019COhandpaintedshoesbyboyarde IMG_4073 major figure in the abstract expressionist movement dolly van gogh final 1charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde dolly mondrian final harlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde IMG_4298 IMG_4871 charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde dolly lichtenstein final charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde dolly lichtenstein final 2 charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde IMG_3655 charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde IMG_4282 charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde dolly picasso final1charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde IMG_2748 hand painted charlotte olympia dolly by boyarde IMG_9268cropcharlotteolympia IMG_9256 hand painting charlotte olympia dolly by boyarde

Please note these shoes are not for sale, they are the lucky possession of the winning bidder. However.. If you would like to commission me to paint on your own fashion accessories, from heels, to trainers, to bags to purses, please contact me using the information below.

Forest Gump meets Damien Hirst, meets Hershey kisses!

I have been a busy artist this week painting one of my favourite designs to date. Inspired by Damien Hirst’s famous skull, Ian Davenport”s striking stripes, and Forest Gump’s iconic quote, ” Life is like a box of chocolate’s, you never know what you’re gonna get.” This quote is exaggerated by the scattering of Hershey’s kisses on the reverse design. These influences combine perfectly to create this fun, and visually spectacular design!

hershey kisses skull kelly back and front

Hershey chocolates skull kelly 1 logo

Here is the result, photographed using the inspiring sites of my new studio in the Bussey Building! The brilliant green wall mural compliments this fabulous design perfectly!

Hershey chocolates skull kelly close up 1  hershey kisses skull kelly making montage

Here is a making of the bag montage, form start to finish, with a close up of the Damien Hirst inspired skull. What a fabulous final result!

If you have any fabulous design ideas you think would translate well on to a bag, in Boyarde’s unique style, please contact us ..

The iconic Marilyn Monroe on a Birkin! “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!”

Marilyn was, and remains to be, one of the most iconic women in the world. Boyarde repeatedly goes back to her for inspiration for her designs! What better than to bling her up with some diamonds and pair the image with the famous quote “Diamond’s are a girls Best friend!” The red lips really make this monochrome image pop!

Marilyn Monroe Birkin front logo 2Marilyn Monroe Birkin Diamonds logo

Marilyn Monroe birkin close up logo

Fabulous Exclusive Event with Boyarde Messenger at Designer Exchange, Knightsbridge

Boyarde was delighted to be asked earlier this year to collaborate with Designer exchange, the leading retailer of pre loved designer handbags in the UK. Admiring Boyarde’s mischievous pop art designs on handbags, Last week a fabulous exclusive event took place at the Designer Exchange Knightsbridge store, where Boyarde made a personal appearance.

It was a fabulous evening with bags galore; heightened by the appearance of several top fashion bloggers, flowing champagne, delicious canapes including cupcakes with Boyarde’s bags on them, and of course some delightful goodie bags.

Thank you to all who came to support the event, we hope that you had a fabulous evening! We Certainly did!

IMG_6235 IMG_6230IMG_6231Designer Exchange Mickey Minnie LV montage

Here is the bag Boyarde painted for the lovely Vlogger Anna Saccone. The fabulous photo on the left was taken by Thread Styling, and the beautiful little girl on the right is Anna’s daughter looking very pleased with her Mickey Minnie bag. @threadstyling @AnnaSaccone

IMG_6247 Designer Exchange lv speedy diva 1 font Designer Exchange lv speedy diva 1 font close up

Here is the bag we painted for Designer Exchange’s own Sabrina! Check out her instagram! @royalmums. The First photo again was taken by the brilliant @Thread styling.


Here is Boyarde with the fabulous Morana, founder of #One and Only London. We just loved her outfit! Don’t you? @morana_mamic


Here is Boyarde with the beautiful Sarah, please click the link below to see the wonderful blog post she wrote about the event. Be sure to check out her blog in general! Watch that space! #mycitymylondon

IMG_6330Designer Exchange LV Pop Diva montage

On the left  is another fabulous photo by @threadstyling, of a Louis Vuitton wallet Boyarde painted for the event. On the right is the final Louis Vuitton bag painted for the occasion! @webuydesigner

IMG_6208 IMG_6205 IMG_6211

Where would a great event be, without delicious personalised cupcakes and delightful goodie bags! @webuydesigner @boyarde @threadstyling

Boyarde paints personalised pop art portraits!

I have recently begun to paint personalised pop art portraits of my clients. The outcome has been great! Here is a sneak peak of the results!

If you would like Boyarde to paint your portrait, or perhaps a friend or family member on your own fashion accessories, get in touch by emailing or by clicking on the link on the homepage. Of course i like to do it with my usual mischievous wit if you’ll let me!

angela arifin portrait birkin montage angela portrait close up 3 angela portrait close up 2

Angela portrait 2

My beautiful client, with her Shitsu called Gucci, with the fabulously daring quote from the equally daring Samantha from sex in the city “It’s not a bag it’s a birkin”

sinan daughter red goyard work in progress Sinan daughter red goyard close up 3 text sinan daughter blue goyard work in progress

sinan daughter blue goyard 2 Sinan daughter red goyard 2

My client’s lovely daughter, with playful speech bubbles of her first words.

Boyarde’s bags feature in the April edition of Most Magazine!

It would seem that Boyarde’s hand painted bags have captured the attention of the press, taking the fancy of international fashion magazine- Most Magazine!!

Most magazine focuses on showcasing current and up and coming fashion trends, complimented by photographs shot by the best photographers from around the globe. They aim to introduce and connect you with some of the finest artists and professionals within every industry!

Check out the article about Boyarde’s bespoke fashion art bags, featuring a direct interview with Boyarde herself. Click on the link below to see view the whole on-line edition of the magazine. Boyarde’s bags feature on pages 82-84!

Most Mag 0515 montageMost Mag 0515 p1Most Mag 0515 p2Most Mag front cover 0515

Minnie Mouse quoting Ginger Rogers on a Louis Vuitton!

I have been a busy artist this week! What better than to pair the famous Disney character with the fabulous Ginger Roger’s quote “There’s nothing a man can do, that I can’t do better in heels!”

Minni Mouse Louis Vuitton front and back text

Minnie Mouse Louis Vuitton close up text

If you are interested in having your very own unique Boyarde artwork painted on your bag, please email, or click on the link on the homepage.