EF MEDISPA ‘Beautiful Bottom’ month, my Pop Art Bottoms and body painted Goddess installation

So here is the follow up to my last post. Last week was the launch night for super slick EF MEDISPA‘s Beautiful Bottom month offering fabulous packages for the derriere! What better than to team up with my Pop Art Bottoms! All 3 London branches of EF MEDISPA for april have my artwork displayed in their windows and the Chelsea branch is hosting an exhibition of my Bottoms.

Along with the glorious Cheese from neighbours L’Atelelier Fromages et Vins for canapes, and delicious wines, the night went with a scrumptious bang with the entrance of my next body painted art installation, or as i call them my ‘Goddess girls’. The theme for the night was back to my abstract art, as opposed to my last body painted installation for Chinawhite, celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (see here on Boyarde Loves Art at You Tube ). I concentrated on making a striking piece of art similar to what i would do for a Pop Art Bottom piece of art. I designed intricate stencils and stupidly decided to cut them out myself. The results exceeded my expectations, and thank god for that as they took 15 hours to cut out 2!

As per usual i called upon my amazing Goddess’s, Lotta and Alexandra Alam to be painted up and be extremely patient through the 6 hour painting process! Luckily several members of the Ef MEDISPA team chipped in to help me, the lovely Alex, Natasha and Lucy really getting stuck in! This was the second time i painted my girls using only acrylic paint, going back to my painterly roots as opposed to body painting makeup, and once again i was painting up until the last second, squeeling to my helpers ‘quick quick finish that line’! The result was a harmonious clash of colour with delicate swirls and floral stencil patterns.

And of course on the walls were a selection of my Pop Art Bottoms, selected by the brilliant owner of the spa, Esther Fieldgrass, already a dedicated collector of my art. The night went swimmingly, the journalists loved it (watch this space again for news on that later on!), EF MEDISPA’s clients loved it and well, i enjoyed it so much. The atmosphere at EF MEDISPA is so friendly yet efficient and i really think we made a great team! Go and check out the art at the Chelsea branch, 193 Kings Road, London until the end of April!

my art in the windows:

as it says in the window: ‘April is Beautiful Bottom month’! And below: so the painting begins!

my designstencil 1it was a little crammed in our painting room but we got through it! Stencil applying phase, always use a sea sponge!and the girls are ready! the orange does not show up the stencil colour as well on the camera as it did in real life! but i love the clash of colour, i can never stay away from kitsch for too long!

my goddess girls and I, plus a lovely messy paint palette!

taking a well deserved break!Some of my art on display: Venus Kallypigos named after Venus’ ‘Beautiful Buttock’s Davide Chocolato. The exact replica pose of Michelangelo’s David, but from behind! Using Olive Oil and Sand!And old skool piece of my art, my first ever Pop Art Bottom: Frilly In PinkJellybaby Yum Yum 1 One of my new pieces: Mysterious Jungala Green Tea  Pantheon Goddess in Emerald Green

This is the art in the branch windows across London. It is named ‘Once’ after the poem written on her back, and written by my father Michael Messenger. The picture was taken in my ‘magic hut’ in Belize, using only natural bursting sunlight to refract and reflect back into the black out hut to manipulate it into an eery, contrasting magical light.

And finally here is the time lapse video of the making of the goddess girls! Enjoy 🙂

check out the fabulous Ef MEDISPA blog with more photos from the event, with the genius owner, Esther Fieldgrass.